Pink and Blue Update

The Pink and Blue Project has been through a lot these past few months, but the project will soon come to a conclusion! Here are a few Pink and Blue updates so everyone is in the know.

The Final Thesis

My final thesis paper has been submitted! It feels strange for the paper to be finished, as I’ve been working on it for so long. I’m excited the paper is finished, even though I feel like I have more to do, I’m very proud of how this paper turned out. The first half of the paper discusses the theory of altercasting, while the second half of the paper of discusses how altercasting relates to the pink and blue problem. I’m proud of all the work I’ve done since September 2019 to bring this final paper to fruition. If you’re interested in reading my final thesis paper, you can find it under the PAPERS page.

Thesis Website

My page on the media and communications thesis website has been published! It was quite the process emotionally getting it ready, the page is ready to be viewed. Though my thesis page is just The Pink and Blue Project website embedded in my thesis page, it was a struggle trying to navigate the new set-up of the thesis website. Either way, everything is ready to go!

Final Thoughts

I’m glad to have completed the paper, but feel at a lose as to what to do now, After working on the project for so long, it feels very strange for it to be over. Though the thesis is finished, I plan on continuing to study the subject and pay attention to how the pink and blue problem continues to evolve in American society.

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