How To Roll With The Punches

This week, I hit a major bump in my thesis. The Arcadia Internal Review Board informed me that I was in violation of the IRB with my survey. This was absolutely devastating for me as I was under the impression my project was going to be shut down. In a crisis, here are some thing I learned that may help you get through it.

Try Not To Stress

When I found out about the IRB violation, I was devastated and immediately very stressed and anxious. Though it of course is a very stressful situation, I allowed myself to be upset at first, but then told myself I needed to stop stressing. Though this is very much easier said than done, I tried a couple of tactics to get my mind off of the news.

The first thing I tried was distracting myself. I immediately decided to work on other school work I had coming up. By working on something new and unrelated to my thesis, I was able to put my mind on something else and distract myself from the stress.

Once You Know The Problem, Actively Think of Solutions

When I first got the news about the IRB and my thesis, I was stressed and immediately wanted to find an answer as how to solve everything. The only problem was, I didn’t initially know what the problem was. Because I didn’t know what the problem was, I couldn’t think of a solution, which was very frustrating to me. Once I knew what the problem was, I was able to start actively thinking of solutions, but I had to watch myself and make sure this problem-solving didn’t take up all of my time.

Take Care of Yourself

This situation was a major point of stress for me, and still is as things continue to unfold. Another thing I made sure to do during this crisis was to make sure I took care of myself. Once I got the news, I took myself out for one of my favorite foods for dinner. I called some loved ones and let them know what was going on and how it was making me feel. I took breaks from working and watched some of my favorite shows. I made sure I listened to music in times where there may be to much on my mind. In order to make sure the problem would get taken care of in the best way possible, I had to make sure I was taking care of myself in the best way possible first.


My take-aways from this week were to, in a time of crisis, make sure you’re okay first, and then work on a solution for the crisis. Nothing is going to get done right if you, the problem-solver, are not alright.

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