Where The Pink and Blue Project Is At Now

The Pink and Blue Project has been through a lot these past few months, but this one is the kicker. Since Arcadia University has closed its campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic circling the globe, the project is having to take a few hits.

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The Creative Project

The biggest hit the project has taken is I will no longer be able to conduct photo-shoots for the creative thesis project. Due to social distancing and in an attempt not to get sick, and the fact that most states have issued stay at home orders, I can no longer interact with people interested in participating in the project. Though this is disappointing (but completely understandable) I was able to conduct some photo-shoots before campus closed, giving me some material to construct into a gallery.

Though it’s definitely not what I envisioned, I am happy with the digital gallery I created, though I wish I had more in it.

The Paper

Back in February, a member of the Arcadia Internal Review Board (IRB) saw one of my flyers posted around campus and flagged my survey. Apparently, surveys must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before it can be distributed. I was completely unaware of this, so all the data I collected from my surveys can no longer be used in my paper, unless I get my survey reviewed and approved.

Since the IRB can take up to six weeks to review and approve, there’s a pandemic about, and I don’t have that kind of time, I can’t use any of the data I collected for my paper. Though this is also extremely disappointing, I will have to find other avenues in order to complete my paper.

Thesis Presentations

Among my other issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, thesis night in its traditional sense is obviously not happening. This is probably the most disappointing thing of all. You work hard for four years and work on this momentous project for a year, and then all the tradition you’ve been looking forward to is no more. Though I’m grateful I’m not sick, my family is healthy, and I still have a job, I can’t help being extremely bitter that this final piece of ritual has been taken away.

Though an alternative has been created, the Arcadia Communications Thesis website, it’s definitely not how I wanted to present all my hard work, and finish my final year of my entire education.


All in all, things have been tough, but I’m going to continue to work hard at everything I do, especially this project. I’ve been studying the pink and blue problem for six months now, and I’m going to do my absolute best to bring this project to the finish line.

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